"There are two ways to live: you can live as if nothing is a miracle; you can live as if everything is a miracle." -Albert Einstein

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Starting on Monday, thousands of university students in Hong Kong have been gathering at the Chinese University of Hong Kong and Tamar Park (outside the government offices) to protest the National People Congress (NPC) of China’s decision to restrict the right to vote for Chief Executive, the city’s highest political leader in 2017.


Article 45 of the Basic Law (Hong Kong’s own mini-constitution implemented after the handover from Britain to China in 1997) states that the Chief Executive should be chosen by universal suffrage as an eventual goal. Time and time again the Communist Party of China have dodged/shut down any democratic progress. Last month the NPC announced that they would continue using the 1200-member committee, consisting of members loyal to the Communist Party, to vote for our CE. THIS IS ILLEGAL. THIS IS SHAM DEMOCRACY AND SHOULD NOT BE TOLERATED.

The sit-in of university students belongs to a movement called ‘Occupy Central with Love and Peace’ and is led by The Hong Kong Federation of Students (schedule and declaration of the strike included). This act of civil disobedience consists of absolute non-violence. It consists of free public lectures offered by university professors and writers on topics like Orwell’s ‘1984’, history of Hong Kong’s struggle for democracy, Ghandi and Martin Luther King, Jr.’s fight to end injustice etc etc. I was one of the students sitting in Tamar Park on Tuesday and Thursday and it was one of the most rewarding, educational and, I must emphasise, peaceful political activities I have ever witnessed.



On Friday, high school students led by the student group Scholarism joined in the protest. They marched to Civic Square, pleading for our current CE to come out of his offices and listen to their requests, just like he promised during his ‘campaign’ in 2012. More and more citizens joined in the protest after work.




The police started cutting off access to Civic Square, which is a publicly owned area. They used shields to form a blockade against the protestors and started pushing them back. When people resisted with umbrellas, they started using clubs and pepper spray on the protestors, who started putting both of their hands up to show they are unarmed. Many students who managed to rush in Civic Square are arrested, including the leading of Scholarism. Many of them have visible injuries caused by police brutality and some of them still haven’t been released from police custody.










THE FIGHT IS STIL GOING ON. PEOPLE ARE STILL CROWDING OUTSIDE CIVIC SQUARE AND TAMAR. Resources are running thin and the police are still threatening violence. Some of my friends are at the protest and they are continuing the struggle despite the risks. It is predicted that the police will escalate their brutality with tear gas, more pepper spray and water cannons against innocent, peaceful protestors, many of them teenagers.


You can watch Occupy Central live here: x (Apple Daily livestream)

I know tumblr is a US-centric place but PLEASE PLEASE SPARE A SECOND TO REBLOG THIS POST. Hong Kong is a tiny city. We are anything but a formidable force in international politics. The only thing we can do is raise awareness among the world and force our corrupt government to answer to our protests. 


Articles on Occupy Central (English): x (The Economist), x (BBC News), x (Mail Online), x (Newsweek), x (CNN), x (Right Now I/O), x (NY Times)

Updates (Chinese): x (Campus TV, HKU), x (Apple Daily), x (Amnesty International Hong Kong), x (InMedia HK), x (926政總現場消息發佈)

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20/??? Musical Theatre DivasLEA SALONGA

Laurence Olivier Award and Tony Award winner Lea Salonga is a Filipina actress and singer, best known for her performance as Kim in the original production of Miss Saigon.

Her theatrical credits include: Les Misérables, Cats, Something Good, Flower Drum Song, The King and I, Annie, The Fiddler On The Roof, The Fantasticks and more.

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❝ At home, I definitely won’t leave my bed. I will read a book, play my computer, listen to music, and even eat on bed. I can do almost everything on bed. I don’t really like outdoor. If I have to go out, I will wear something casual. ❞

At home, I definitely won’t leave my bed. I will read a book, play my computer, listen to music, and even eat on bed. I can do almost everything on bed. I don’t really like outdoor. If I have to go out, I will wear something casual.

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aigoogle asked: Let's say that you're wildly famous. So famous that the paparazzi and tabloids are claiming that you're breaking the hearts of basically any person you come into contact with. Which five celebs would you want the tabloids to claim that you're with when you've never actually met them and who you later meet and awkwardly chuckle about this with???

Well obviously I’ll be wildly famous and breaking hearts. That’s my M.O. 

Again, these are in no particular order. 

1. Sebastian Stan

2. Michael B. Jordan

3. Eoin Macken

4. Daniel Radcliffe

5. Hunter Parrish

Hunter Parrish is because I’m kinda wishing I put him on my list yesterday. And I was going to put Anthony Mackie on the list, but apparently he has a long term girlfriend and kid? I didn’t know that. As far as I know, the rest of these guys are unmarried (maybe not single, but that’d be near impossible to do). 

Also. I just realized that some on this list are costars of the men on my list from yesterday. Which makes me laugh. 

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